91% of us are deficient in EPA/DHA Omega-3s.

We're working hard to change that.


Our Foods

We're working with leading experts on EPA/DHA  for the body. Our foods and beverages are packed with EPA/DHA  Omega-3s at the high levels your body needs to produce real health benefits. All of our foods are made with TruMega+ and are designed to bring stabilized, balanced and beneficial EPA/DHA Omega-3s to power your brain and body.

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Omega Research

We're not your average food company! We have been developing technology for over a decade that allows us to blend high-quality oils into hand-crafted foods. But, why stop there? Our EPA/DHA  Omega-3 supplements are frozen at their freshest state and ready for you. Remember the last time you purchased frozen EPA/DHA Omega-3 fish oil? I bet not ...  

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TruMega+ is composed of the purest fish oil extracted from the freshest Nordic fish. We respect the oil throughout the entire supply-chain, and after state-of-the-art stabilization and balancing technology unique to Omega Foods, TruMega+ becomes the first quality EPA/DHA Omega-3 oil blended and matched perfectly for our everyday products.

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